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Design A Brew - The beer kit that You Design
Design A Brew, Your Beer Your Way. This great system lets you choose all aspects of your kit by choosing them in seperate components, colour, bitterenes, grain caharacter, hop flavour & aroma.
Design A Brew Beer Festival
We are planning to hold a Design A brew Beer Festival This September.
We are aiming to have as many ...

Design A Brew overview
Have you always thought that you could design your own beer or that if your beer had just a bit more ...

Design A Brew Santas Special
The wait is over, this years seasonal special is now available. Based on the incredible design a brew ...

Design A Brew Bases
The bases form the basis of your beer they are all 1.5kg pure hopped malt extract (no1 wheat is blended ...

DAB Base 1 - wheat
No.1 Wheat colour >11 EBU bitterness 28 EBC Blended wheat malt and barley malt extract ideal for making ...

DAB Base 2 - light (lager)
No.2 Light colour 10 EBU bitterness 30 EBC Perfect base for lagers or blending with darker bases for ...

DAB Base 3 - Medium
No.3 Medium colour 30 EBU bitterness 40 EBC Ideal medium coloured bitter base, can also be blended with ...

DAB Base 4 - Medium/Dark
No.4 Medium-Dark colour 50 EBU bitterness 40 EBC Great dark bitter style base perfect on itís own for ...

DAB Base 5 - Dark
No.5 Dark colour 95 EBU bitterness 20 EBC Perfect for mild/porters etc dark colour but lighter hops ...

DAB Base 6 - Extra dark
No.6 Extra dark colour 255 EBU bitterness 55 EBC Fully dark black base perfect for great stouts but ...

Design A Brew Grain character packs
Choose the grain character, colour, texture that you wish to impart into your brew.
All packed in ...

DAB Character pack1 Torrified Wheat
No.1: Crushed torrefied wheat Main use - head retention and a tight compact head, also adds body, clean ...

DAB Character pack2 Amber malt
No.2: Crushed amber malt Main use - lighter alternative to crystal in bitters and excellent in darker ...

DAB Character Pack3 Cara malt
No.3: Crushed Cara malt Palest of crystal malts with more sweetness and caramel flavour without the ...

DAB Character Pack4 Crystal malt
No.4: Crushed crystal malt classic British ale malt adds body texture flavour and colour good for ...

DAB Character Pack5 chocolate malt
No.5: Crushed chocolate malt excellent for colouring without the burn of roast barley also adds chocolate ...

DAB Character Pack 6 black malt
No.6: Crushed black malt excellent for colouring without the burn of roast barley so better when sweeter ...

DAB Character Pack 7 roast barley
No.7: Crushed roast barley Main use - colouring, also imparts bitter taste and burn texture as in Irish ...

Design A Brew Hop Teabag
A teabag of hops for that finishing touch, look at the alpha acid for the strength but also the main ...

DAB Hop Finishing Pack Goldings
Goldings Classic British hop with great flavour & wonderful aroma Typical AA 5.1%

DAB Hop Finishing Pack Fuggles
Fuggles Classic British hop with great flavour especially for bitters or darker ales typical AA 4.2%

DAB Hop Finishing Pack challenger
Challenger Excellent general purpose hop similar to goldings for bittering & aroma typical AA 7%

DAB Hop Finishing Pack Saaz
Saaz Classic Czech pilsner hop, it's great aroma make it popular in many beer styles typical AA 3.5%

DAB Hop Finishing Pack Hallertau
Hallertau Classic German Lager hop with great flavour & aroma typical AA 2.6%

DAB Hop Finishing Pack Styrian goldings(Bobek)
Styrian Goldings Slovenia, originally bred from fuggles, widely used in lagers & less malty ales typical ...

DAB Hop Finishing Pack Cascade
Cascade, US variety gaining in popularity for it's citrusy flavour and aroma

Design a Brew Flavour Teabags
Alternative ingredients to produce distinctive or unique beers

DAB lemongrass teabag
A great addition to our range, why not try our superb lemongrass spring ale recipe or experiment with ...

DAB Elderflower teabag
Elderflower the classic English aroma of spring can give a great aroma and flavour to a beer, we have ...

Design A Brew Yeast
A superb sachet of genuine brewing yeast. Fast to start, good alcohol tolerance and quick to settle, ...

Design a Brew Brewing guide and receipe sheet
Everything that you need to know to design your own beer, guides to the bases, grains and hops. Together ...

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